Sunday, April 15, 2018

Around Town Little Pouches

The weather has been absolutely crazy. We had one good, warm day and now it's back to winter jackets, grrrr. Seriously! It seems like there's no end to this horrid winter.  And, to top things off I came down with the most nasty cold combined with a cough that sends everyone running as soon as they hear it :( I can't even remember last time I was this sick, yuck!

As you can imagine, my productivity was close to zero these last few days, unless watching Narcos on Netflix counts as something productive? Yeah, probably not :)

I did, however, manage a tiny bit of sewing as my order of Around Town fabric by super talented Sarah Golden arrived and I just couldn't let it sit and taunt me, could I?

So, I whipped up these two cute little pouches and I absolutely love how they turned out. I used my Essential Pouch pattern - this is the smallest size and I used just a single piece of fabric instead of adding contrasting bottom. Super quick, easy, and oh - so - adorable !!

And now I want to make a tiny pouch in each and every print from this collection I purchased :)

What have you been up to? Any fun sewing projects? Or any fun new fabric collection you're excited about? Do tell.

Wishing you all a happy and creative Sunday. Svetlana


  1. That fabric is gorgeous!! and so are the pouches, they don't need any extra fabric :)

  2. Pouches are adorable! Love the little extra touches on the zipper and tag on the side. Great fabric! I completely understand about this winter that won't end...good grief!

  3. Your pouches are so nice in such fun fabrics. I can just picture one using the dot and stripe together.

  4. Love these prints! Which prints did you use for the inside of the "Around Town" pouches, Svetlana?


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